Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Memorial Day

Thanks Paul, Nancy, Ben and Amy for all the fun on Memorial Day at your house. The steaks and everything else were great. We especially enjoyed strolling around the Gartenmarketplatz and seeing all the plants. The weather was perfect as well. Mom and Dad.


On Sunday afternoon, May 15, we attended the honors awards at Lutheran High School. I think the thrill is as great for grandparents as it is for parents and for the students. Katie and Sara were both called up, along with several other kids, to be honored for being on the A Honor Roll. Katie along with four others, was inducted into the National Honor Society. Katie was also given the Yale BookAward. An Alumnus of Yale, representing this area, presented her with the book "How Democratic is the United States Constitution." He closed his little speech by telling her that they would be pleased to have her as a student at Yale. He didn't offer any help in paying the $40,000 per year tuition, room and board if she decided to come, but since that was not a college she was hopeful about, it won't be a problem. She has been asked a few times since if she is planning to go to Yale. Congratulations girls!

Katie receiving her award

Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day get together

Thanks for coming to our house to celebrate!

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Guess which one is the graduate

Great weather

At Gartenmarktplatz

Am I ever happy

Browsing the flower garden

The Princess and the ?

Sharing a bench

Ben is thinking

Ben is napping

Happy birthday Ben

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Kristen's wedding

Audrey was at our house a couple of days ago for some help in deciding an appropriate outfit to wear as the grandmother of the bride. Sue and John's daughter Kristen is being married on Sunday June 12 to Simon from Albuquerque. He and Kris both started Medical School last fall in Albuquerque. He is the son of a veterinarian. The wedding will be for mostly family and will be held at Pine Point Lodge/Restaurant near Stillwater. The reception will also be held there following the ceremony. Audrey is happy to be feeling well enough to attend and to see Kris in her white bride's dress.

Satellite views of our house

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Friday, May 27, 2005

Happy Golden Birthday Ben!

Ben's 27th birthday!

Early Childhood picnic

Last night the parents and children who were involved in Nancy's program this year got together at Florence Park for their annual picnic. The were a couple hundred people all together with children. Nancy got a rose bush as a gift. While she was up there, Ben went up to stand next to her and whispered for her to tell the crowd that his birthday is tomorrow. So everyone sang 'Happy Birthday" to him. He was very happy.

Nancy's rose and singing "Happy Birthday" to Ben

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Nancy recognized for 20 years of service

Last Thursday, Nancy was recognized among other teachers by the school board for her 20 years of service to Stewartville Schools and the Early Childhood Program. Her good friend, Irma, was also recognized for her 15 years of service and her retirement this year.

2005 ECFE staff: Irma, Kristy, Sara and Nancy

Nancy's 20 year Award

Monday, May 23, 2005

Tiffany graduates from Bethel!

Amy drove up to her good friend, Tiffany's, graduation
at Bethel College on Saturday. She earned a B.A. in Psychology
Graduation was at 12:30 and she drove back about 3:30.

Tiffany has two more weeks of internship left at
Fraser School in Minneapolis, then she is
hired full time there. She will be getting an
apartment up there soon and she will then be an
independant girl.

Tiffany and Amy--Graduates

Monday, May 09, 2005

Amy graduates from Wheaton!

Friday May 6 -- We packed the blue Windstar with the empty boxes I collected from various places and headed out at about 11:30 AM. Just three miles down I-90 from home I heard a noise and then felt the back tire go flat. We pulled off and, since I just bought the van (Ken, who takes very good care of all his cars, bought new front tires before selling it to me), I wasn't even sure where the spare was or how to put it on. It turned out to be under the car and Nancy and I got it off and replaced the now blown out rear tire. We decided to keep going to Chatfield about 20 miles away since they had a Ford dealer. We got there and were directed to a crowded, dirty old shop filled with tires and parts. An old guy with grease all over his hands and arms came out and we arranged for a new tire (in fact both rear tires) to be put on. It was only $149 and good service but we lost an hour and a half.

On our way back to I-90, we stopped and a neat little old general store called the Freemont Store. It was furnished like the old days and is being run by someone who wants to keep it that way.

Fremont Store

We were to have met my parents in Mauston,WI at 2 PM but didn't get there until 3:30 PM. The rest of the trip was thankfully uneventful and we got checked in to the hotel, picked up Amy and went for supper at IHOP at 10 PM.

Saturday May 7 -- In the morning, Mom, Dad and I went to a lecture on the "Treasures of Wheaton" put on for the alumni by the various archive departments. It was an interesting mix of topics about people who had left papers and items with Wheaton. We also toured the Billy Graham Center Museum and archives and the Joseph Free archaeological collection.

Noon meal was at the downtown deli and then we went separate ways; Nancy and Ben went to get a color book reward and back to the hotel, Mom and Dad went back to rest at the hotel (Dad's leg still hurts him and he needs to walk around and rest frequently) and Amy and I started packing.

Packing the stuff from Amy's apartment

Amy's roomates: Leigh Ann, Abbie, Chelsea

Amy had done a little packing but with the boxes and suitcases I brought we tackled the rest.The closets and desks were full. Her three roommates were also packing so it was tight and dusty. Nancy joined us and we started to pack the van, but ran out of afternoon and had to stop to get ready for the faculty reception.

The weather was cool but sunny and we went out on the "quad" for the reception. Amy got to see and say goodbye to a few more people including some of her favorite professors. I don't know if she realizes yet the finality of all this. None of these opportunities or friendships are ever the same after this.

Faculty Reception: Dr. and Coral Rupprecht

Faculty Reception: Dr Martindale

In the evening we went to a fondue restaurant called "The Melting Pot" . Every course was a fondue course, from the appetizer (bread and veggies dipped in cheeses), the main dish (various beef, chicken, and seafood cooked in oil or broth), to the dessert (fruit and cake dipped in chocolate). There were 20 of us and it was a little hectic around the table but the food was good (and expensive). It was something Jewell always wanted to do and was a fun celebration for the girls.

Stephanie, Jewell and Amy at the Melting Pot

Sunday May 9 -- The day of graduation was beautiful. The weather was sunny but cool..The morning baccalaureate service was nice. Ben sat with us but didn't pay much attention. The president spoke and the graduates sat up front.

Wheaton College class of 2005

At noon, we all ate in the Anderson Dining Hall one last time. They had a large buffet and we sat around a table in the dining room and just relaxed. After brunch we just hung around the Beamer Center, played games and took naps.

Advice from Grandpa

Then it was time to gather at the chapel again for graduation. Because of Dad's hip, we got to park up close and get in a special entrance. We sat in the back of the auditorium and Ben sat in the narthex. Amy came in with the rest of the and walked down to the stage.

The speaker was Joni Earickson Tada, who gave a very good speech about focusing on people, not things, degrees or skills. Amy's name was one of the 500 or so called and she walked across the stage for her diploma.

Amy gets her Wheaton diploma

It is an emotional event to see your daughter get her college degree. For some reason it seems to be more of a transition than high school graduation or starting college. It is a big step of independance for both parents and child.

Our family after graduation

With Grandma and Grandpa after graduation

After the ceremony, we all went onto the grassy area outside and took pictures of Amy and the family, Jewell and her family and Stephenie and her family. Amy met a favorite teacher and said goodbye.

Jewell, Stephanie and Amy

In the evening, Mom and Dad went back to the hotel with Ben and the rest of us went to Mark Lewis's home for a reception. Here Amy said goodbye to a few more friends from theater. We dropped Amy off at the apartment and turned in early.


At Mark Lewis's

Monday May 9 -- Our last day was here. We drove to the campus and Amy had finished packing. it was obvious that it was not all going to fit in the car. However, with a little pushing and shoving, most of it did fit. One last goodbye to her roommates, Jewell and Mark and we were off for home. No flat tires this time and we arrived in Stewartville about 5:00 PM. Nancy went to her evening class and Amy and I unpacked the van into her room and the garage. The end of a long and exciting weekend.

Chelsea, Leigh Ann and Amy

Goodbye Jewell

The Graduate

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Preparing for Amy's return

We have done several things to prepare for Amy to return after her graduation from Wheaton this Sunday. We cleared out her closet that has become storage these past four years and we bought a van in order to have three vehicles while she is home the next 6 months. We bought the same van we have been borrowing these past four years from Ken and Karen L. It is a Ford Windstar and has 140 thousand miles on it. It is a very good deal especially since Ken takes such good care of all his cars. We decided to fix the Pontiac that needed major repairs last week. It still seemed that fixed up it was worth more to us than having to buy another car. Amy is very distracted and busy as she winds up her college career. There are all her final papers and tests along with saying goodbye to friends. We will probably do much of the packing on Saturday when we arrive in Wheaton."