Sunday, April 24, 2005


Katie and Sara were in the spring school play at Lutheran High School last night. Katie was one of the leads again. This time she played Jo-Jo in Suessical (photos). She has had the lead in the last two spring plays there as well: "The Wiz" and "Into the Woods". She is still a junior. Sara, a freshman, was in the chorus as a character in Whoville.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A bittersweet visit to Wheaton

We took our last weekend visit to Wheaton before Amy's graduation in May. Each year that Amy has been there we have traditionally visited in October and February. That coincided with the fall and winter plays. We also went in April twice for the spring play. Of course, we also went in August and May to drop her off and pick her up. That means we have gone 17 times in the last four years. So, we will miss the good times but things change.

Amy's Senior Drama gang.

This time we went to a play called "The Cover of Life" on Friday night. Jewell was one of the leads. Amy helped this time only with the costumes. It was good as usual. Mark Lewis was the director and afterwards, as is the habit on opening night, they have a reception afterwards. This time it was bittersweet because of all the seniors and others who will be gone soon.

Wheaton Spring Play

Wheaton Spring Play 2

Saturday, we hung around downtown Wheaton a while then drove into Chicago for dinner with our friends, David and Kori. It was very busy in town and it took a good hour and a half to get there. They live near Logan Square on one of the historic boulevards that surround greater Chicago. Their new apartment takes up the bottom floor of a narrow condominium and is modern and open in style. They have eclectic tastes and enjoy the city life. David took us on a spin in his new Mazda Miata convertable. Ben was impressed.

Ben in David's Mazda

Amy's new look

Sunday, we went to Amy's church, lunch and then to Amy's apartment where we packed a few boxes of books to bring back before the big packing next time. Our trip home was fairly uneventful. Gas prices in Chicago hit $2.48 at one place, but we were able to find it cheaper at the oasis at $2.11. When we got home at 9:30 PM, in Stewartville, gas was $1.99.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

National Merit Scholar ?

From Diane today:

Hi -- thought you might like to hear that Katie found out today that she's made the first cut for National Merit Scholar. I know there's a number of steps before she's close to actually making it, but it was a nice encouragement. I guess nothing more happens until September when there's another cut and then all the paperwork/essays. So, if she gets that far, Amy, she'll probably be asking you questions (in Africa?).